The Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology will operate as a coordinated, interoperable blockchain ecosystem around the nation, allowing all partners to benefit from shared learning, experiences and resources. The CoE centre will focus on advancing blockchain technologies, platforms, assets and systems to develop industry understanding and implementation of blockchain technologies. This CoE-BCT will be a platform for innovative new solutions a gateway to test and develop solutions for projects undertaken by NIC at central and state level. NIC CoE team will collaborate with global experts to lead development and implementation of innovative blockchain solutions from proof of concept to production. The centre will provide research-led thought leadership and drive strategic blockchain developments to address complex business problems in governance, towards improving government service delivery.

NIC wants to promote the use of blockchain technologies, facilitate the rapid adaptation and on-boarding of blockchain based solutions, foster stronger collaboration between the government, public and private sectors and cooperate to ensure that the latest technological standards are made available in a safe and trusted manner.

The emergence of blockchain technology holds promise for the government to foster trust and greater transparency about certain data activities and provide frictionless transactions with the citizens. In addition to the technology; determining right applications of the technology is a critical factor to accelerate its adoption. As in case of mature systems, advocates of government blockchain solutions must provide strong evidence that such investments will save money and improve services that are already in a good shape.

CoE-BCT is located at Kendriya Sadan, 4th Floor, F-Wing, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka 560034.