One of the use cases of Logistics chain is the online Supply Chain Management System for medicines (Aushada) of Karnataka. The Aushada system is integrated with Blockchain to record the transactions related to movement of drugs from the manufacturer to supplier to warehouse and then to the hospitals including quality checks. Smart contracts provide the checks and balances at each stage in the supply chain and also ensure that non-standard drugs are not moved down the supply chain.

Patient can check the details of the manufacturer, expiry details & quality of the medicine before consumption. It provides traceability in the transactions (track & trace) reducing the changes of entry of spurious drugs, enhances precision and brings transparency. Efficient recall system can be implemented when the quality of the drug is found to be not-of-standard. The resulting integrated supply chain system brings in all stake holders to a common platform. This system is working since last three years.

The Karnataka State Drugs Logistic and Warehousing Society is using this chain for more refer https://dlc.kar.nic.in/